How Predo Baby can help with Nappy Rash

Nappy rash is a term used to describe an irritation of the skin within the nappy area that causes redness and leads to skin breakdown, although there is nothing life threatening about nappy rash, it has a major impact on the family.

The baby experiences discomfort, which depending on the severity of the rash, can cause untold pain. This is worrying for the mother, who then needs to take time off work to take the baby to the clinic or doctor. Money is needed for medication, which has an effect on the baby’s body if he requires antibiotics for a secondary infection. The mother has to cope with an unhappy nagging baby. This is a condition that you need to understand as parents, so you can do your utmost to prevent it occurring.


There is extensive researched evidence as to the specific causes of nappy rash. Firstly, wetness causes skin to become fragile and easily broken down if there is rubbing or friction in the area. A warm moist environment is an ideal environment for microbes to multiply- so there is a build up of organisms on the skin waiting to move in to cause an infection should the skin become damaged.

Secondly, the mixing of urine and faeces causes a chemical reaction that leads to faecal enzymes acting on the skin – which leads to skin breakdown.

Thirdly, the urea in the urine breaks down into ammonia which causes an increase in the pH of the skin. This increase in the pH causes faecal enzyme activity and leads to skin being damaged directly. Be diligent, and change your baby’s nappy as soon as you know it is wet or soiled. Don’t put it off thinking that you will do it just now, because by that time the skin has already been damaged.


  • The key factor is skin dryness.
  • Apply an ointment or cream that works as a barrier and curative preparation.
  • Rinse or wipe down and dry the skin in the nappy area every time the nappy is changed, using a soft facecloth with water or using a wet wipe, and then allow the area to dry.
  • Use a nappy that has super absorption which keeps the baby’s skin dry.

The Effectiveness of Predo Baby Diapers

  • Skin remains dry with the extra layer of SAP
  • Keeps wetness away from babies skin with high absorbency capacity
  • Material exterior surface provides airflow and protects the skin of the baby
  • Cream layer allows your babies skin to be protected

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